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Who Is Dangerfield Martial Arts

 Dangerfield Martial Arts Academy  is made up of the best-trained and most dedicated instructors in the area. Our goal is always to assist you in being the best that you can be. We take the time to get to know each and every student creating a very positive family atmosphere.  Our programs are structured so that our students develop a wide variety of personal safety skills, including traditional Kung Fu kicking, punching, blocking forms and weapons training as well as applicable street self defense skills. As our students learn these skills, they are also absorbing the social and mental benefits for which the martial arts are renowned: confidence, control, self-discipline, respect, humility, and integrity. Our instructors are positive, success oriented people who practice what they teach and are positive role models in the community. They know how to train, motivate and inspire students to keep them  on track with their goal of obtaining their black belt. 

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Our Instructor

 Our instructors are highly educated, self-motivated, disciplined fighters with the plan and purpose of continuously train in the martial arts to create the best individual possible and transfer those skills into the community. 

The instructors are dedicated to strengthening students spiritually, mentally and physically, so that they have the knowledge of how to think correctly, the courage to enforce the martial arts in self defense only, and transferring the skills of the arts into their personal lives for successful living. 

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Dangerfield Martial Arts Academy

4556 Beech Road, Temple Hill, MD 20748, us

(240) 300-1497

Training Hours

            Tuesdays: 7pm - 10pm

                 Wednesdays : 7pm - 9pm

          Saturday: 9am - 3pm

                  Monday: By Appointment

Sunday: Closed