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 Street Kuntao is the ultimate self-defense style for anyone regardless of size or strength.  Street Kuntao is a mixture of Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese martial arts.  The system consists of various open hand techniques and low line kicks that combine with eye gouging, groin, mouth, and throat striking techniques that render an attacker off balance and easily taken down for compliance or submission.  It also consists of nerve striking, chin-na’s, joint and limb destruction, grappling and the mastering of western boxing. Street Kuntao is especially useful for men and women who are looking for a self-defense system that doesn’t give a false sense of security.  If the art is practiced well, Street Kuntao will work in all possible street oriented confrontations. It is hard to find a martial art style that preserves ancient fighting methods to fit into altercations of today’s time.  The Guro’s that teach this art are highly skilled in close quartered combat fighting and are waiting for those who are serious about self-defense training.  We hope to see those who are serious about self defense in class at the Dangerfield Martial Arts

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