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 Tai Chi is considered a soft martial arts style, meaning that it focuses more on internal power. This style has a series of distinct choreographed movements called forms.  Some of the forms are short lasting only a few minutes and others are longer lasting up to an hour.  Though many of these forms are slow moving, others are executed at a quickened pace. Tai Chi stresses leverage and a lack of muscular tension, unlike some of the hard martial arts styles. It teaches practitioners to use an attacker’s aggression and force against them, rather than meeting it head on.  The goals of Tai Chi are often tied to health and meditation. Tai Chi relaxes and regulates the central nervous system, releasing physical and emotional stress, and promotes mental and emotional well-being. The Tai Chi class at the  Dangerfield Martial Arts is a great class to join if you desire to become centered and overall powerful. 

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